un giorno troverò che cosa ho perduto

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Dear f-list:

I'm not going to be able to finish my NaNo, either of them.  :/ I'm 15K short for this one, meaning that I'd have to write 4-5K per day until the end of November... which just isn't going to happen.

School and real life got in the way, and I was really hopeful that I'd make it.  I wanted to have that "I finished NaNo the first time I did it!", but I don't think that that's going to happen.  :|

Thanks for all the support, though; I appreciate it <3 I'll probably finish this during December or during a less busy month.  :D

- hl
un giorno troverò che cosa ho perduto


.01) This journal is for [info]helium_lost's 2006 Nanowrimo project.  That is, for original works of fiction.  Therefore, by requesting to be added, you are telling me that you will in no way plagiarize my work.  The same goes for artwork that I will probably be posting up on here.  You may not use my artwork for icons, graphics, etc. unless you have my explicit permission.

.02) I appreciate constructive criticism—a lot.  Anyone who knows me in the fanfiction world knows that I bug people to give constructive comments.  However, because Nanowrimo is such a rushed project, don't expect something perfect.  There are bound to be problems, so don't be offended if I don't fix them.  I'm currently focusing more on finishing than on the details; I will revise my work (and heed your comments) later.

.03) I may randomly inject bits of Italian (most likely not into the prose, though).  And there's a reason for it, I would like to think.  So if you know Italian, feel free to correct me.  I won't object at all to that :)

.04) My story deals with an underground cult ("alternative religion", if you will), so if you don't like reading about religions—especially one where the religious beliefs may contradict your own—either don't ask to be friended, or don't cause drama over it.

.05) If you are not already on my f-list for my main journal, I'd love to know how/where you found me.  It's not mandatory, but it would be nice.  :)

That's about it!  I'll add more stuff if I feel I need to.

- hl
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