sento vuoto dentro la mia anima

e a causa di questo, vagavo, con la rosa dei venti guidando me

la rosa dei venti mi guida
26 April
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la rosa dei venti mi guida
xenoamorist's nanowrimo 2006 project

Del racconto: La rosa dei venti mi guida is the story of Valko Squall who, for his whole life, has felt as if something were missing from him—as if he's incomplete. Following this feeling, he travels across the world, looking for that something—yet, he doesn't know what that something is, only that he'll know when he finds it. Along his journey, he is embroiled in the happenings of an underground cult, one that has more sinister, ulterior purposes for him.

Del titolo: La rosa dei venti mi guida means, in Italian, "The wind rose guides me". i_venti means "the winds". The story behind the name is that the original names for the directions on a wind rose are mostly Italian, and, well, you'll find out more as the story progresses ;)

Delle mie influenze: My favorite author in terms of plot is Haruki Murakami; my favorite book in terms of style is Wide Sargasso Sea by Jean Rhys; and my favorite book in terms of characterization is House of Tribes by Garry Kilworth. I'm most likely oversimplifying this, but those are the ones I think of off the top of my head.

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